Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Eat Mor Chikin"


I came up with this name all by myself.  You see the pig is encouraging people to eat chicken instead of him, but he can't spell so well. heh heh.  It's a cast iron piggy bank on a sack which contained a ham.   The sack says, "Peanut City Country Ham" and the yellow thing he's standing on is a peanut logo.


  1. Very funny! Love all the variety in your blacks; they generate so much interest in the figure. Are all the shades of black mixed from other colors or colors mixed with an actual black?

  2. Hi Lorraine! Thank you for the compliment and the question. I used no black paint in this painting. The darkest darks are a mixture of Prussian Blue and Burnt Umber, if I remember correctly.